Saturday, January 10, 2015

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Last two years when I wrote my first Jamb examination, I had this feeling that I am going to smash the exam with a high grade like at least 350 over 400 but finally I found myself scoring 179 over 400, poor me right I guess.
But I thank Baba God for even making me see my score. Some of my colleagues didn't even see any thing called grade talk more of scoring 0 over 400, I will share some tips and reason why I failed my examination and also from survey why many students also failed ,

Here are 10 Reasons why Nigerian students fail JAMB:

1: Fear
According to H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature , He said that "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown" , Seriously speaking, I was afraid then , the fear of Jamb made me to think if I was going into Do or Die Affair.

I could also remember vividly that very day of the examination it took me about 10 minutes before I could even start shading some answer all because I was afraid to even start somewhere. Fear contributed to my failure .
So my fellow students, Be bold , courageous and never you think of failure in your jamb examination. Jamb is just like a normal examination but very tricky...

2: Jamb Syllabus

It might sound funny but I bet you, Jamb follow some syllabus topics in setting up their examination questions, Then I was busy going to extra moral class , thinking i will grab everything within 3 months. but i was disappointed when I got into the examination hall . So I advice all students that will be sitting for Jamb 2014 to at least get tips about all the topics jamb listed in their syllabus.

3: Miracle Center

Believe it or Not, This is an OPEN Confession, the fear of failing made me to get some A,B,C,D,E from a lady sitting beside me that very day. She registered in Miracle Center(RUNS THINGS). I am very sure my score would have been more better that it was if I had focus without getting some data from that girl.

After the examination, she showed me the Answer her boyfriend sent to her but to my greatest surprised the my English language paper TYPE was A but the one her boyfriend sent her was TYPE C. unfortunately to me I carried my USE of English Over... So. BE CAREFUL...

4: Invigilators

Nowadays, invigilators can frustrate students to the extend of asking them to pay or there will be NO communication inside the examination hall. For instance i could remember that day, one invigilator asked us to pay #2,500 each to allow us share and communicate with each other BUT if you fail to pay automatically you will become NO 1 Suspect in the hall. They will try anything humanly possible to make you fail unless you know your Creator.

5: Coming Late

Yes, I will advice you all that will sitting for the 2014 Jamb to be in your Center 1 hour before the examination start. Try as much as you can to be first student to be in your center. Coming late to any examination will make you feel that you have lost it all. you will automatically dis-organize yourself .


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